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Is there any warranty for Invisible Grille?

Yes. Alcavale Co. provides a 60-month warranty for our products.

What is Invisible Grille?

Invisible Grille is the ONLY option for high-rise balcony safety. It replaces the traditional aluminium type grille. It gives you an unblock view so it also removes the ‘caged up’ feeling in your home.

What is Invisible Grille made of?

Invisible Grille is made up of 316 Stainless Steel high tension cables and aluminum tracks. All materials used are anti rust and have a lifespan of up to 20 years!

Is Invisible Grille safe?

Yes! Invisible Grille is safe for adults, kids and even your pets! Our cable is also coated with a layer of nylon membrane, preventing you from cuts when handling.

Will the tension of the invisible grille loosen over time?

No, Our invisible grille will not loosen over time as each individual cable is secured by their own locking system.

Will my kids be able to snap off the cable using their scissors?

No. Scissors/ penknife will not be able to cut off the cables.

How do you charge?

Prices for installation will depend on the size per square feet. You may arrange for a FREE site quotation by emailing info@alcavale.com or contact us at +639173001399 or +639284150392.

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